Mn-Fr:午前8時 - 午後8時、St-Sn:午前8時 - 午後4時





株洲Meetyou超硬切削工具有限公司(MCCT)は、超硬切削工具の開発、製造、販売を統合するハイテク企業です。同社は2015年に設立されました。同社は現在、高度なPVDコーティング技術とともに、数十の高度なCNC 5軸CNC研削盤および試験設備を輸入しています。




Useful Tool Tips for Wood Drill Bits You may not Know

Wood drill bits are the main topic of this article. Plus, we will share some useful tips for efficiently drilling out satisfactory holes in wood. Before you put up a cabinet or shelf, we genuinely hope these tooltips herein we…

Machining Tolerances of Shaft&hole Basic System

In mechanic engineering, machining tolerance refers to the amount of unplanned deviation between the nominal dimension and real dimension. All kinds of tolerances are affected by the presence of various reasons such as position error, incorrect relative rotation between workpiece…

Why Turning Tool’s Corner Radius or Edge Radius so Critical?

Shown as the figure below, corner radius is formed by crossed line major cutting edge and side cutting edge, which is also named as edge radius. In the cutting process, in order to improve the tool tip strength and reduce…

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