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株洲Meetyou超硬切削工具有限公司(MCCT)は、超硬切削工具の開発、製造、販売を統合するハイテク企業です。同社は2015年に設立されました。同社は現在、高度なPVDコーティング技術とともに、数十の高度なCNC 5軸CNC研削盤および試験設備を輸入しています。




Key Points for Stainless Steel Processing

In our daily life, no matter in small tableware or decoration, stainless steel processing is more and more widely used. So what should we pay attention to in the key points of stainless steel processing? Next, let’s have a brief…

Is It Right to Use End Mill Drilling Hole?

Maybe you’ve heard people should never ever drill a hole with an end mill if there isn’t already a hole at the center for the chips to clear. Why can’t the end mill clear the chips? If the answer is no. How…

What Should You Know about Parting Tools and Parting Operation Parting is to insert a blade like tool directly into the workpiece and cut off the workpiece with a certain length. It is usually used to remove the finished end…

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