As a part of Meeyou Group,Meetyou Carbide is our partner company who focuses on carbide blank manufacturing.

Tungsten Carbide Blank Manufacturing

Meetyou Carbide manufactures China supreme quality tungsten carbide blanks and end mills.We use high quality 100% virgin raw materials and high-tech computer controlled HIP furnaces to provide you with a series of tungsten carbide blanks,including tungsten carbide rods,carbide flat bars,carbide plates,cold heading dies,wire drawing dies,circular disc cutter,mining bits,balls & seats,rubber shredder cutter and all kinds tungsten carbide material designed for your needs.



We only use the best high quality 100% virgin materials along with the advanced high-tech computer controlled HIP furnaces to produce tungsten carbide blanks for both standard and special sizes or grades at your requirements.

Carbide rod blanks

Carbide rods, as one of our staple products, are stocked in a big inventory.We deliver 12” (330mm) length unground or polished rods with or without chamfers and single coolant hole for the use of boring bars, broaches, end mills, gun drills, etc.We’ve designed a wide array of micro-grain and fine grain grades for these rods to bearing extreme heat, abrasion, and impact. They are of excellent geometrical accuracy and can be further ground as per your requirement.They all can be ground to h6 tolerances.

As to Cut-to-Length (CTL) rods, CTL, customized grades, standard and micro-finished surface finish, and h6 tolerances in inch or metric lengths and diameters are available in our CTL rods selection.

Cutting tip Blanks

The carbide bur head is brazed with carbide shanks ready for fabrication of finished rotary burs in DIN and inch standards.
They are available in:

Inch styles – BSA, BSC, BSD, BSE, BSF, BSG, BSH, BSM and BSL

Metric styles – ZYA, WRD, KUD, TRE, RBF SPG, and KSJ

Strips&Flat bar blank

Tungsten carbide is generally formed in rectangular strips that are ready to be processed into the cutter to machining not only nonmetallic materials, such as common wood, hardwood, plastic, and tobacco, but also machining of stainless steel, cast iron, and iron, etc..

We are able to manufacture a variety of standard toolmaker blanks, including STB blanks, plus special geometries custom engineered to your specifications.

Tungsten carbide nibs blank   

Carbide die nibs blank require much less replacement much than ordinary steel dies, which not only saves overall maintenance charge but minimize machine downtime, as well.

We supply durable tungsten carbide nibs that conform to your high standards. We assure you as producing tooling for your die sets we will measure up to your requirement of correct grade selection and geometry shape.

Our offerings contain:

Cold/Hot Header Dies, Punches

Valve Trims, Bushings, Chokes

Wire Draw Dies

Seal Rings

Carbide disc blanks

Solid carbide discs blanks are the preform of making carbide rotary slitting knives, solid carbide slitting saws, carbide razor blades, and PCB scoring cutter, etc..
Meetyou carbide produces solid carbide discs blanks from very small diameters up to 13.8” as a state of unground or ground for the slitting saws markets.

Our shaping discs blanks are designed with a universal center hole and sandblasted to get a clean surface. Like all of our blank products, our discs are built with all universal purposes.

Carbide nozzle

The nozzle is a final but indispensable component in your extrusion system. When reinforcement materials such as carbon and glass will scratch the inner wall of ordinary nozzle orifice as they pass due to the flow and pressure. Both glass and carbon are known to be very hard, a lot harder than any metals, resulting in abrasion inside your nozzle. High thermal performance of the tungsten carbide will keep a nozzle tip hot, thus allowing faster-extruding speed without sacrificing the nozzle’s inwall.

Carbide mining bits blank

Tungsten carbide is the ceramic of choice when it comes to wearing and abrasion resistance. Carbide can be used extensively in the mining&quarry industry.

we mainly provide the polycrystalline diamond compacts (PDC) is a sort of drill bits for use in oil and gas. They not only have high hardness and wearing resistance, thanks to that the body is cemented carbide, but also have the advantage of strong resistance to vibration. Carbide matrix bits are commonly superior over steel body bits cause in corrosion environment the body erosion is likely to cause compacts on it to fail. For diamond-impregnated bits, only carbide-body construction can be applied.

Additionally, we also can fabricate the following 3 sorts of typical mining carbide tips in blank or ground that is equipped on excavators and coal machines to drill no matter hard formations or soft rock.

Drilling buttons, we now have an inventory of buttons in spoon, flattop, parabolic, pointed claw, parabolic, wedge, conical, spherical, and auger types.

K01,K10,K20, and K21coal drill tips are used for coal mining tools.

T10-T50 and M10-M24 hard rock cross drill bit tip are suitable for embedding in cross and X-shaped drill bits.

SS10 stone cutting tips, which are mainly used in quarry of stone and apatite or construction&repair of pitch road surface and cement pavement. The standard type we supply is 20*12*3.2, 20*12*3.0, and 20*12*3.5.

All mentioned bits and tips can be CAD engineered and ground to ISO standard allowance.


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