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What is CNC Drilling?

Drilling is a basic method of hole machining. Drilling is often performed on a drilling machine and a lathe, and it can also be performed on a boring machine or a milling machine. Commonly used drilling machines include bench drilling machines, vertical drilling machines, and radial drilling machines.

The drilling motion constitutes: The rotary motion of the drill bit is the main cutting motion, and the machining accuracy is low.

The process of drilling a hole in a solid material with a bit is called drilling. Drilling is one of the basic methods of hole machining. Drilling is usually performed on a drilling machine or a lathe or on a boring machine or a milling machine.

Drilling machines are the main machine tool for hole machining. Drilling is mainly performed on a drill press using a drill (twist drill). When drilling on a lathe, the workpiece rotates and the tool makes a feed motion. While processing on the drilling machine, the workpiece does not move, the tool performs the main rotation motion, and moves along the axial direction to perform the feed movement.

Drilling machines are therefore suitable for the machining of holes in workpieces that do not have a symmetrical axis of rotation, especially in porous machining, such as machining of holes in parts such as cabinets and racks. In addition to borehole drilling machine can also complete the hole reaming, reaming, boring plane, tapping and other work

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