Abrasive Waterjet Nozzles


Carbide Abrasive Waterjet Nozzles

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Tungsten Carbide Abrasive Waterjet Nozzles

Mixing tube for Abrasive Waterjet

Abrasive Waterjet nozzles, also called as mixing tubes are mainly installed in waterjet cutting machine which can cut metal, ceramic, stone, glass and other materials. When compressing water to 42,000psi and shoot it out of the nozzle, the water can cut inch-thick metal easily using the aforementioned 42,000psi water jet laced with garnet abrasive.


To ensure you have the right solution for the best cost-effectiveness, we have developed 3 innovative product lines of Abrasive Waterjet Nozzles. Our mixing tubes are suitable for all modern cutting head systems and support automatic centering during installation.

Economic TC12 line

  • Cost-optimized high quality
  • Specially developed for lower cost
  • Suitable for cost optimized applications

Standard WJ12 line

  • Ideal price/performance ratio
  • The standard line continues to succeed
  • Tool life is guaranteed for up to 80 hours

Advanced WJ00 line

  • Tool life increased by 15%
  • World-class quality abrasive water jet nozzle technologies.
  • Long tool life is guaranteed. High-tech grade
  • The best balance of hardness and toughness
  • Higher cutting effect
  • Abrasive consumption is reduced.
  • Performance can catch up to ROCTEC 500 from Kennametal

Compare to ROCTEC 500













Composition & Properties:

Material: Nano-Carbide / Ultrafine Grain Tungsten Carbide

Grade: TC12



Grain size: 0.3μm

Density: 15.3g/cm3

Rockwell hardness: 95.5HRA



Material: Nano-Carbide / Ultrafine Grain Tungsten Carbide

Grade: WJ12



Grain size: 0.2μm

Density: 15.3g/cm3

Rockwell hardness: 96.5HRA



Material: Binderless Nano-Tungsten Carbide

Grade: WJ00



Grain size: 0.2μm

Density: 15.4g/cm3

Rockwell hardness: 98HRA



Thanks to the high availability of our products, you can order our abrasive waterjet nozzles quickly and flexibly from our online store 24/7.

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TC12, WJ12, WJ00


6.00X1.02X70, 6.00X1.02X76.2, 6.00X1.02X70, 6.00X1.02X76.2, 6.00X0.76X70, 6.34X0.76X75, 6.35X0.76X76.2, 6.35X0.80X76.2, 6.35X0.91X76.2, 6.35X1.02X76.2, 6.70X1.02X70, 6.70X0.54X70, 6.70X0.80X70, 6.70X1.00X70, 7.00X1.02X76.2, 7.14X0.76X76.2, 7.14X0.91X76.2, 7.14X1.02X76.2, 7.14X0.76X101.6, 7.14X1.02X101.6, 7.14X1.02X101.6, 7.62X1.02X76.2, 7.62X0.76X76.2, 7.97X0.76X101.6, 7.97X0.76X101.6, 8.12X0.91X76.2, 8.12X1.02X76.2, 9.00X0.76X76.2, 9.45X0.76X76.2, 9.45X1.02X76.2, 9.45X1.10X76.2, 9.47X0.76X79,0


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