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Marvelous Cutting Technologies

About us

Zhuzhou Meetyou Carbide Cutting Tools Co., Ltd (MCCT) is a high-tech company integrating with development, production and sales of carbide cutting tools. The company was established in 2015. The company currently has imported dozens of advanced CNC five-axis CNC grinders and testing facilities along with advanced PVD coating technologies.

Over the years, MCCT has been exceeding our goals step by step in the cutting tool industry, providing effective solutions for 3C, aerospace, automobile manufacturing, and mold manufacturing industries. As one of the biggest carbide cutting tools manufacturers in Zhuzhou, China, our love and passion for innovation and determination helped us to carve out a path of success.

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The Blog

How to Effectively Remove Burrs

Burr in metal processing is a common problem, such as drilling, turning, milling, plate cutting. One of the hazards of burrs is easy to be hurt. In order to remove burrs, a second operation called deburring is usually required. Three deburring…

Who wins? 3D Printing V. CNC Machining

If you ask, “What’s the difference between CNC machining and 3D printing?” The most straightforward answer: 3D printing is an augmentation technology, CNC machining is a reduction technology. 1. Material differences The main materials for 3D printing are liquid resin…

Development and Application of Deep Hole Drill with Internal Chip Removal

Deep-hole drills are often divided into external chip removal (also known as gun drill), internal chip removal (often abbreviated as BTA by the International Association of Deep-hole Drilling), nesting or spraying chip removal. This paper mainly introduces the development and…

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