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Over the years, Zhuzhou Meetyou Carbide Cutting Tools Co., Ltd (MCCT) has been exceeding our goals step by step in the cutting tool industry. As one of the biggest carbide cutting tools manufacturers in China, our love and passion for innovation and determination helped us to carve out a path of success.
How we grow

Our History

Past  Now  Future

Our Story Began 1998

Mr. Yang Lihua established De Li Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd

Our First Step to Business 2001

In April, De Li Carbide Co., Ltd. to participate in the restructuring of state-owned enterprises and the successful acquisition of Zhuzhou  Ninth plastic factory.In August, De Li Carbide Co., Ltd. officially changed its name to Zhuzhou Meetyou Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd.

Our Business Grows 2004

Meetyou Carbide trademark was  registered successfully by the State Administration for Industry and CommerceThe company passed ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certification

New Manufacturing Level  2005

The company introduced the Kennametal technology and the establishment of one of the largest domestic carbide rod production line.

Our Corporation Starts  2010

Our corporation company Meetyou Group started and has the major share of Zhuzhou Meetyou Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd. Meetyou Group holds more than 5 companies, from testing agencies, tools maker to real estate.

A New Opportunity  2015

Meetyou Group establishes a new child company named as Zhuzhou Meetyou Cemented Carbide Cutting Tools Limited which focuses on everything from design, manufacturing and sells of carbide cutting tools in China and worldwide.

Focus on Future 2018

Today, our Group remains proud of its past but is focused on its future. As a leader in the increasingly competitive global carbide industry, our corporation is dedicated to delivering high-quality products to our customers and building value for all of our stakeholders.

How we help


The solutions that follow are about nearly every aspect of the manufacturing industry, from metal cutting to woodworking, automotive to aerospace, mould to PCB, and more.

With an innovative approach to continuously reinforce your productivity, we lead the tungsten carbide cutting tool industry over the years.

Recognized worldwide for quality carbide cutting tools manufacturers in China, beyond an extensive product line, MCCT focuses on customer service deeply in the heart.

Automotive 30%
Die & mould 40%
Power generation 20%
Aerospace 10%
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We keep stock of ISO standard carbide cutting tools like inserts and endmills. Customized tools based on your drawings are also accepted.