Now with the popularity of smart phones, our choice of smart phones has become more and more, and we choose the standard has become diversified. The first few years, especially a coarse grain phone, the most favorite benchmark. Then again, more and more mobile phones began to match the material, the fuselage texture is one of the important factors.But the texture is not a technical indicator or standard, it is good or bad standard does not quantify the provisions, mainly depends on the user’s feelings, and this feeling is often experienced, and our bias will also affect our Feelings. For example, many people think that metal texture must be better than plastic texture. Mobile phone manufacturers are also intentionally or unintentionally propaganda this point. This is why?First of all, we compare the advantages and disadvantages of plastic and metal:Disadvantages:Heat is bad,Easy to scratch,Affect the signalCommon plastic materials PolycarbonateAdvantages:Lighter weight,Raw materials are cheap,Easy to manufactureDisadvantages:Poor texture,Heat dissipation is averageIf you want from the cost, performance, then it seems that plastic is superior. However, now the user has been in the formation of “love” metal shell tastes, so … …So, why would the texture of the metal shell feel better than the texture of the plastic shell? We can consider from a number of aspects.First of all, the plastic was labeled “cheap” label, and the metal is a bit “high”. From the cost, plastic is lower than metal. The cost of plastic preparation process is relatively simple and low, and metal forming, polishing and other treatment also makes the production of metal shell after the cost greatly increased. The original material cost is a good thing, but since we are willing to pay more for this, so the plastic had no choice but to the bad texture.Plastic “cheap” and metal “high pressure” in the field of life is also reflected everywhere. Plastic as a children’s toys, cheap life supplies, and metal appears in the sophisticated machinery and equipment. So on the phone, this bias is naturally difficult to eliminate.The plastic itself, the manufacture of short processing, may be the reason for the texture. Plastic is weaker than metal in tolerance control. Because the plastic in the manufacturing process of a morphological changes, solid to melt to solid. And injection molding need to consider stripping, limiting the shape of a lot of finished product design. Easy to cause the location of the tolerance, reflected so reflected in the plastic shell is likely to connect is not so close.Moreover, by the wall thickness and shrinkage of the impact of the plastic shell made a lot of studs are also more difficult, so many mobile phone plastic shell is a simple cover up, the integration of poor.Material density is different, can also affect some people’s texture. Density is small, the phone shell on the light, the problem is that many people like the feeling of heavy. In addition, the optical performance of different color differences, the difference in surface texture will bring the different materials and so on.
Source: Meeyou Carbide

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