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A Lucid Guide for Choosing CNC Lathe Collect

High precision CNC lathe paired with advanced cutting tool provides us with superior material removal rate and productivity. As the connector between lathe and cutting tools, tool handle plays an important role in obtaining desired results. So how to choose…

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How to Effectively Remove Burrs

Burr in metal processing is a common problem, such as drilling, turning, milling, plate cutting. One of the hazards of burrs is easy to be hurt. In order to remove burrs, a second operation called deburring is usually required. Three deburring…

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Who wins? 3D Printing V. CNC Machining

If you ask, “What’s the difference between CNC machining and 3D printing?” The most straightforward answer: 3D printing is an augmentation technology, CNC machining is a reduction technology. 1. Material differences The main materials for 3D printing are liquid resin…

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What can wheel grinding cope with?

As shown in Figure 1. Usually, the use of abrasives for processing is called grinding machine. The commonly used grinding tools are consolidated grinding tools (such as grinding wheel, oil stone, etc.) and coated grinding tools (such as abrasive belt,…

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